How To Test

This is a simplified summary to help answer questions about testing and submitting blood to the JRT DNA Bank, housed at the University of Missouri. This information is also available on the JRTRF website.

Testing for PLL, SCA and DM can be done via cheek swab or blood. We recommend blood. When depositing into the JRT DNA Bank you are supporting research and it can also be used to order new test results as those become available in the future. Neonatal Ataxia (NNA) is tested via blood only. DNA test kits include the forms required to deposit blood in the DNA Bank and the test request forms, also 5cc EDT purple top blood tubes. If your vet has the tubes you can download the forms below.

Drawing the Blood and Shipping

When taking your terrier to the vet for vaccines or registration paperwork ask them to draw the blood, this needs to be 5cc's of blood in a purple top EDT tube. Keep blood refrigerated. Overnight the blood, (enclose a kool pack) and the forms, mail to the University of Missouri, their address is at the bottom of the genetic data form. We suggest using the US Postal Service as it more economical in comparison to FedEx or UPS.

Cheek Swab kit

You can also order cheek swab tests from OFA, they handle the paperwork for the University of Missouri. Your tests results will arrive in the mail in 2-3 weeks Should you order cheek swab kits for convenience be sure and deposit their blood at your next opportunity. View OFA Site

Registering Test Results

Once you receive the results we encourage you to register the results with the JRT Health Registry (via the Submit form).


We have included the links for the required forms below; one is to deposit the blood in the JRT DNA Bank, one to request testing for PLL, SCA, & DM and a separate form for NNA testing. Specify the tests for which you are ordering, note - two or more tests are $50 each - so be sure and take advantage of the price break, also note that NNA testing is $35.Your results will be emailed to you in a few weeks.

We hope this helps but feel free to contact Debbie Johnson with further questions (770-427-1618 or

Hyperuricosuria (HU) has been reported in the JRT. It is recommended any dog that has formed kidney or bladder stones that are composed of uric acid test for the mutation. Testing is available at UC Davis.